Wire Sling Servicing

Wire Sling Servicing & Re-certification

Each and every wire rope sling has it’s own serial number and expiration date. The expiration date is normally valid for 6 months from fabrication date. Once expired, it has to go through a servicing and re-certification before it can be use again. We provide in-house re-certification and also external party re-certification on customer’s request.

Besides wire sling servicing & re-certificaiton, Nepsling Sdn. Bhd. also provides other professional services such as:

  • Wire rope spooling
  • Wire rope sling load test
  • Vessel wire destruction test

Wire Rope Sling Load Test

Our workshop is capable to perform in-house wire rope sling load test using our own Talurit 150 Ton test bed. The test is used to ensure the wire rope sling is capable to handle the designed working load limit.  

Vessel Wire Destruction Test

Vessel wire have to go through inspection from time to time to ensure the good structure integrity and high tensile strength. To perform the test, we will extract part of the vessel wire normally a few meters long and send for the test. The test will stress the wire with external pulling force until it breaks then we can determine the condition of the wire.

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